Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Here is the first batch of green beans fresh from our canner. YUM !


These are a few of our beans. Boy, they went wild this year. The bushes covered the rows and meet each other. Now if they make as many beans as they did foliage. LOL

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Veggie faces anyone? This little tomato has a personality of its own.



This is one of my raised beds and even in 80 degree weather you will see LETTUCE, shallots,tomatoes, basil, in my raised salad bed and next to them you will see my butter beans starting to run and bloom.

Monday, February 9, 2009


32 years ago today we welcomed our son, JASON into our family. Happy birthday Jase!!! We love you. ( Terrible pic I know, tried to take a photo of a photo and ended up with a big glare)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


What is this white stuff? Can it be snow? This is something that is rare in the deep south. According to our weather man there has only been 7 snowfalls for us in the last 60 years and according to my man it is the heaviest here he can remember. We received about 7 inches.
This was a part of my yard not quite a month ago.

It is hard to believe but seeing (not to mention tasting) is believing! This is a tomato bush up against my house that comes up voluntarily every year. My sweetie happily works around it and places a tomato cage around it and if we are careful to cover it on chilly nights it will produce till late in the season. It survived our snow storm with a thin covering over it. Amazing! It is still blooming. I took this shot today and our temp is 61. Yum...fresh salad greens and tomato salad tonight, Topped with a few shrimp of course.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Alessa and Uncle Jason
It has been a long time since I have been able to put my thoughts into words. Time sure flies when...LIFE happens. I heard somewhere that most people live from event to event in their lives. They say "well let me get this over with" or pass this or "when I have done thus and so, then I will."... Sadly we let our lives pass us by for LIFE is what happens between these events. I am going to try to actively participate in my life this year instead of being a spectator. As the old cliche goes I am going to stop and smell the roses.

On December 5, 2008 we almost lost our precious (barely turned 1 year old) granddaughter.

Our precious Alessa Shae to new onset diabetes. Our merciful Lord met our need even before we knew we had one and I want to publicly give Him the praise and the gratitude for it!

Through a series of unplanned, seemingly unrelated happenings. We were at the right place and the right time with the right help when she her blood sugar rose to the 800 mark. We had no symptoms or prior warning to this. To make a long but truly remarkable story short. Alessa Shae would have been put to bed that evening and would have went into a diabetic coma. We have NO DOUBT God's unseen hand moved within our life, giving us our baby's life again. Our Saviour truly lives and we are a grateful family.

In the future when I get irritated with people and things that are not going the way I want or planned, I pray I will remember this time and KNOW every thing happens for a reason and God's timing is always right.

I am wishing all that read this a happy and a peace filled new year.